Sunday, May 9, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at the Chicklet’s school. They had such wonderful teachers that I felt like I needed to do something really special for them. I cannot take credit for the ideas themselves, but it did take my time and effort to pull it all together. I got the ideas from this wonderful new blog that can be viewed here.



I gave the teachers and para-pros each a chocolate bar that I covered in scrapbook paper and a thank you note that I had the Chicklet’s write to each teacher.




Tuesday’s gift was this cute little take out box filled with Swedish Fish.  The tag said, “You are o”fish”ally the best!”



Wednesday’s gift was this cute little candle. The tag said, “You are scent-sational.”



Thursday’s gift was just for the two main teachers. It was this cute little jar filled with gum balls. The tag said, “Teacher’s Treats (to share or not to share).”



Friday’s gift was this cute little organizer that I filled with coordinating office supplies, hand sanitizer and chocolate. I covered the top in scrapbook paper and added a cute bow.


I hope all of the teachers liked their gifts and realize how much I appreciate what they have done for my chicklets this year. We will miss them next year.

Last Cake Class

Last weekend was the last cake class for Chicklet #1 and I. We have had so much fun and learned so many wonderful things. This class taught us how to make flowers out of gum paste that were real looking. It is going to take a lot of practice to get them to look real but it is something I have always wanted to do. It has been wonderful to have this time together with my big girl. For our last class, we had Mamaw with us and of course she had to get in on the fun. Leave it to Mamaw to act like one of the kids.

DSCI0559DSCI0560 Everyone thought it was cool that my mother would jump right in and have fun. You can tell they did not know her.

For our cakes, we had to incorporate flowers that we had learned how to make.


Chicklet #1 decorated hers with vines and different blossoms. It turned out really beautiful. We did learn that you need to put these flowers on fondant covered cakes to keep them from wilting. After a day, all of the flowers on the cake were soft and droopy. Oh well, that is how you learn.


I did a flower pot full of daffodils. I think it turned out good but it was not what I had started out to do. I was going to make a tea pot cake but it ended up looking like a football. Oh well, live and learn.


I am going to miss our Sat. gang but I will keep all of you up to date on our creations. We are not going to stop making cakes just because the class is over.