Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010, Part Two


The chicklets have been asking us for several years to go on the ghost tour while we were at the beach and this year they got their wish. As the lady at the ticket booth told me, “It all started one dark and rainy night…”


Chicklet 2 had to make her ghost face for the picture while we were waiting for the trolley to come and get us for the tour.


We rode around the “Old Town” while they told us about documented ghost sightings and then headed out to the lighthouse to walk around the grounds.


We all looked like a bunch of ghosts with the rain ponchos on. We headed over to the “Old Jail” after we left the lighthouse for some more ghost stories.


Chicklet 2 did not like this part at all so her and Eric stayed outside while they were telling all of us stories of the inmates. Chicklet 1 was all into the ghost stories. She is not scared by any of this.


We took lots of pictures around the lighthouse and jail but did not find anything other than raindrops in them. Oh well, maybe next time.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010, Part One

Our vacation this year started out with an engagement party for John Mark and Jamie in Valdosta on Saturday.

It was a wonderful show of love for my sister and family hosted by friends. It was good to see friends of the family that I had not seen in many years. Another great aspect of the party was that it was hosted by a couple that happened to live in Doc Holliday’s (yes, the famous friend of Wyatt Earp) childhood home. It was absolutely stunning. They have done a wonderful job restoring the house.

On Sunday, Eric and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. It is hard to believe that is has been 12 years. When I look back at the years and see all that we have shared, I am truly blessed. I have a loving husband who gives all to provide for his family and has given me 2 wonderful girls.


I Love You Eric!

Sunday afternoon we traveled to St. Augustine for our yearly beach trip. Unfortunately most of the time I forgot to take my camera with me but I did get some good shots when I did remember. We spent Monday getting settled and shopping for the week. 

Tuesday morning and went to “Old Town” and walked around. The chicklets and I found this cool shop called Bath Junkie on one of the side streets. You pick out what you want (lotion, scrub, shampoo, etc.), scent and color and they mix it up for you. It was so neat. Chicklet 1 made shampoo, chicklet 2 made sparkly lotion and I made whipped hand cream.


After our stroll downtown, we went to the beach. Eric fished while the chicklets played in the surf.

100_0506 100_0502 Eric laughed at me because I am the only person he knows that can go to the beach and not need to rinse sand off of their feet at the end. I. Hate. Sand. I did not want to end up like Chicklet 2 and spend the rest of the day doing this.

100_0503Digging sand out of my pants!

I will let you rest from reading for now. I will post again tomorrow with more of the trip.